I don’t mean to be conceited, but I love myself. By that, I mean that a long time ago I taught myself to be my own best friend, and am completely happy spending time on my own; I have no need to validate who I am by spending time with other people. This doesn’t make me a better person; in some mindsets, this probably means I’m a really depressing person, but I’d like to use this fact to dispel the horrible assumption that so many people seem to possess: just because I might like to have a boyfriend does not mean I am not happy with myself

This assumption, I find, is often held by people who are in fact in a relationship. There are certain men and women who are overtly desperate and vocal in their attempts to get out of the singles club, but not everyone of a single status is like that. (Just like not everyone of a non-single status assumes the following.) The slight yearn for what we don’t have is universal. I might watch a movie, read a book, or even witness my friends who are couples and feel a twinge of longing that I had someone who I cared about in that way, and whom reciprocated. This does not in any way invalidate me as an individual. Just because you have a significant other does not entitle you to any sense of superiority; you do not have the authority to look down your nose at us and think us pathetic just because we might want what you are lucky to have. I don’t need a relationship to be happy with myself, I am happy with myself, just like I’m sure you relationship people are happy with yourselves; I do not believe that you having a significant other lessens that, so nor should me wanting a significant other lessen my happiness with myself.   

These hypocritical double standards are ridiculous. Happiness with yourself and the ability to be alone are not remotely dependent on your relationship status.