"Look, I know we said our friendship was over before, but that fight was sort of the proverbial nail in the . The thing I wonder is what’s going to stick - which words, which memories. It’s strange how that works. I remember 10th grade Biology, I got every answer on the final right except for one: Purkinje fibres. And now that’s the only thing I can remember about Biology. Is that gonna happen to us? I mean, after—after all these years, after all our right answers, is that fight gonna be the only thing I remember?"

— Noel Crane | Felicity

Noel: I’m sorry. Not for anything in particular, not for everything, but for not being very generous sometimes, or upfront. Anyway, I just wanted to say goodbye on decent terms.

Felicity: I feel like I don’t know how to be normal with you again.
Noel: You know what, the truth is I don’t even know what that is anymore with you.
Friends! That’s what I mean.
Noel:  Yeah I know what you mean, but I don’t know the last time I felt that way.
Felicity: Then this whole year has been a lie.
Noel: Maybe it has.